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Mark McLean – We Should Take A Leaf Out Of Sweden’s Book!

What I’m about to tell you is true, its 100% factual and I can send a copy of a report which further emphasises and backs up the savings and energy usage of Sweden. If we adopt the simplest of ideas that they now use, it could make a big difference! Six weeks ago, myself, my business partner Bill [...]

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Your Window Is Only As Good As The Hole It Goes In!

I'd like to introduce another great guest post from Mark McLean! This might be interpreted as a rant……but here goes anyway! This week has seen me travel the length and breadth of bonnie Scotland cleaning up the mess left behind from a “continental glazing specialist”. Now before I get into depth about this, I for [...]

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Is There Such A Thing As An Energy Efficient Bi-Fold Door?

Guest post from Mark McLean: Coming from an energy efficient background, predominantly based around the principals of passivhaus, we have to constantly come up with ways of incorporating the latest glazing gimmicks. Bi-fold doors over the years have grown in popularity thanks to shows such as CH4’s restoration man and Grand Designs. These shows always [...]

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