Energy efficiency

Energy ratings are now seen to be a must when carrying out home improvements. With such a heavy investment by the general public into improving their homes, energy efficient windows are a must in order to make sure money is not being wasted elsewhere.

Window energy ratings (WER) are a guide to how efficient the windows are. The scale shows from an A+ to a G with A being the most efficient. The latest in building regulations requires a home to have a minimum of C.

The higher the rating is, it can lead to;

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Increased solar energy gain


PVCu windows and doors offer the reassurance of high security through organisations such as Secured by Design or BSI, which put these products through numerous testing protocols to ensure the highest of quality is being delivered to the consumer. With consistent innovation in the PVCu sector, security is always on the list to improve to ensure homeowners feel safe in their own home.

Low Cost

PVCu products are usually the cheapest compared to timber and aluminium alternatives. Depending on what a consumers budget is, PVCu gives that pricing variance due to the different quality of profiles on the market which therefore do change the WER and U-Values. With this low cost, PVCu products usually now come along with a long standing guarantee and warranty which helps further the investment.

Low maintenance and durability

A great advantage to PVCu products is the lack of maintenance required. They are durable and resilient material in any type weather conditions with no rust or rotting through heavy water exposure. Through the constant cycle tests that PVCu products are run through. These products are designed for the long term. It is also extremely easy to keep looking the way it was when you bought which also adds to the appeal of PVCu products. Minimum life expectancy of PVCu products is 35 years.

Aesthetic Appeal

PVCu products can be seen by a consumer as dull and boring white plastic windows and doors. With the industries constant innovative mindset, there are now numerous colours available whilst offering that timber look also at half the cost. Colours are constantly being inputted into the PVCu industry and now gives that wow factor to any type of property. With doors being the first point of sight by anybody walking past a property, it needs to be the standout feature to draw that attention. New techniques of applying specialized paint finishes are now available in the industry which means that consumers can have over a choice of over a 100 colours to add to their home improvement.

A big thanks to the guys at John Fredericks for this resource!