Well, as if we didn’t need any more hindrance from Pilkington’s massively unjustified price increases; there are now rumors that they are to shut down a number of plants across Europe. In doing so creating a shortage, and allowing them to artificially raise prices further. And remember, whatever Pilkington do, the rest copy. This came to light after reading page 2 of ‘The Installer’ this morning.

We have to walk away! The industry has to speak up in one massive collective voice and say f*** you. Enough is enough, when are we all going to get together properly and start to look at alternative glass suppliers.

If we were all to walk away, Pilkington would lose one of their biggest and best markets. There is not a single reason to explain why shutting down some of their plants would be justified, and surely this cannot be legal!

GAP and Rockdoor have done it, they are sourcing their glass from the Far-East, I know that out-sourcing glass from the Far-East would not do our economy much good, but I don’t think it would be a long term arrangement, plus it would be more harmful to the economy to stay with Pilkington as more businesses would become insolvent, more companies I think could be saved by sourcing cheaper glass from the Far-East temporarily. If we all said ‘see ‘ya’ to Pilkington for a while, it might change the approach the glass cartel has towards our end of the industry.