It wouldn’t be Christmas in the double glazing industry without:

1. Customers prolonging paying so they can wait till after the New Year to clear their debts. Except this time we can charge the normal 17.5% VAT rate! Serves them right.

2. Fitters complaining about the weather. As you will not have failed to notice, this past week we have been in the grips of very icy, cold and snowy weather. Which gives the fitters the perfect excuse to duck and dive out of as much work as possible.

3. The same Xmas CD being played over and over again in the office and showroom.

4. Customers rushing in to try and get windows fit before Xmas, just a couple of weeks before we shut up for Xmas.

5. Very drunken office Xmas parties.

It’s all very British in tradition, nowhere else does it like we do.