I’ve spent three and a half years as a salesman in this industry, starting at the very tender age of 17. Now at 21, my next big blog post is going to be about my time spent in this industry so far. People who I’ve met, be it customers or competitors. I’ll try and tell some half interesting stories! The post will represent my reflection on the industry, the highs I’ve had, and the lows too, it’s going to be a personal affair.

At the same time, I may start to drip in details of who I actually I am. I’ve remained anonymous thus far, but I am undecided as to whether I reveal myself fully, partly or not at all. Giving myself away will give me an identity and image, remaining anonymous means I can remain impartial and unbiased. I would appreciate some feedback; it will probably make my mind up. There’s only one person that I’m aware of that knows who I am at the moment.

Merry Christmas all!