Chuck Saves Christmas – Review

Every year, there's always a company that released a game just for Christmas. The last couple of years it has been Synseal. Their games were good, if not a little addictive and got quite a few of us over-competitive! This time round however, digital specialists MotionLab have come up with their very own app game, [...]

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Booked Up Till Christmas?

I have been seeing a few tweets in the twittersphere over the last week or so indicating that some companies are now fully booked up until Christmas. This is good news it seems, but a pinch of salt should be taken with these sorts of statements. For example, a company with only one fitting team [...]

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Give Santa A Hand!

For your amusement, something a little different! Enjoy this guest post from @SophiiMaria13: There are some in our industry who are dead against Christmas...including Santa Claus! He hates Christmas time! With all the horrible rich kids that want Christmas presents and their parents threatening to sue Kris Kringle, he still has to deliver thousands of [...]

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The Rush For Christmas

The middle to back end of October saw a quiet period. It was the first real quiet period we had had all year really. I expected it to be honest, it had to die down at some point. The focus has shifted from household items to toys and presents in the run up to Christmas. [...]

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Looking Forward To Christmas?

Can you feel it? Can you sense it? The change in the weather. The cold winds picking up. The leaves turning. The miserable staff in the office because it's starting to get darker. That's right, the countdown to Christmas has started! It's less than 90 days until we can endure...sorry I mean enjoy, our families [...]

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>Merry Christmas!

>Here it is again, that time of year to spend quality time with family and friends!It's been a very long and hard year. So put up your feet, fill your face with food you usually have to burn right back off at the gym, have a beer/glass of wine, and relax knowing you don't have [...]

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>Silly Season About To Begin

>This is the time of year that always perplexes the industry. There are only seven working weeks left of the year, and it seems that a lot of our dear customers have left it till now to tell us they want their windows and doors replaced...all before Christmas!So, get ready for the abrupt phone calls [...]

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>My Christmas Message

>Unlike RCG, I do enjoy the Christmas period (just not this extreme cold!).I am fully aware that Christmas is bad for business, but it allows everyone to breathe a sigh of relief and gives us a chance to relax and not worry about business and money, just for a little bit. If your boss is [...]

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>And Now The Rush Begins!

>This week has been manic! It's been the usual case of people rushing to get windows and doors ordered and wanting them in before Christmas and before the new VAT rate in January. It never ceases to surprise me even though the same thing happens every year. People seem to wait and wait, put it [...]

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>My Next Big Post

>I've spent three and a half years as a salesman in this industry, starting at the very tender age of 17. Now at 21, my next big blog post is going to be about my time spent in this industry so far. People who I've met, be it customers or competitors. I'll try and tell [...]

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