I had a brilliant meeting/factory tour with our manufacturers for most of today, and got to know some brilliant developments coming up very very soon. For obvious reasons I can’t let a single detail out, I don’t want my competitors getting any sort of advantage. I will say this though, what we will be able to offer very soon will put us way ahead of anything anybody else has to offer. Giving us huge new advantage over all competition in our area.

What was also beneficial to me was to know every step of the process, start to finish. Not that I was short on those details in the first place, it filled in some gaps and brought home the vast amount of technology, investment and know-how required to run a concern such as a window manufacturer, let alone a successful one.

During lunch we got round to discussing the industry in general. We all pretty much agreed that the industry was still in a depressed state. No matter how much up-talking MD’s do. It is better now than this time last year, but not as improved as most company owners say it is.

One thing I do want to add is that we have had a stellar week, way over the average for the second week in February, and on top of that, we are in line to win a huge order for a chapel renovation. This could be a week that sets us on for weeks and weeks of fitting. Not that I’m bragging! But we are also level headed. We are fully aware that next week could be totally the opposite.