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More Than Anything Else, Service Is Most Important

Things like product quality, deliveries on time, marketing suites and so on are of course all important factors when it comes to running a window and door installation business. But perhaps the most important factor of them all is customer service. Without good service, everything else becomes irrelevant. In this age of immense product choice [...]

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The Season For External Condensation Is Upon Us

Today was the first day of September, which from a meteorological perspective is the first day of Autumn. That's come round pretty quick! Those in the window industry will also know that this is around the time where external condensation on energy efficient windows becomes a bit more common. Yes, it's also that season again. Managing [...]

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One Last Day To Nominate In The National Fenestration Awards

I can't quite believe that it's just about the end of this year's nominations phase in the National Fenestration Awards. We launched our third year right at the start of 2015, something we hadn't done before. We usually started early February to give people a chance to get back to work and to allow us [...]

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Are Brits Ready For Keyless Door Technology?

As far as Britain goes, we're not the most accepting of new technology. When you look at other countries around the world, especially in East Asia, like South Korea, Japan, Taiwan etc, they take to new technology like a duck to water. Here though, we tend to be a bit sceptical of the new. Particularly [...]

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How Long Left For Silicone?

For many decades, silicone has been the material of choice for the sealing of windows and doors in the UK. It comes in many colours, it's easy to apply providing the guy holding the gun knows what he's doing, and it's convenient. Yet silicone is easily one of the most inefficient products in the whole [...]

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Eurocell To Float On London Stock Exchange

It may have gone under the radar for many of you, but I spotted a tweet on Wednesday which announced that systems company Eurocell is to float on the London Stock Exchange. This news comes after one of the industry's biggest installation companies, Safestyle UK, floated on the FTSE AIM All-Share stock market. A growing [...]

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Winners Announced In National Fenestration Awards

Wow, what a night on social media it was on Tuesday! After a year long campaign, hundreds of nominations, hundreds of voters casting thousands of votes, it all boiled down to just nine minutes and thirty seconds. Here are the winners of this year's National Fenestration Awards: For those who don't want to [...]

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External Condensation 2

It's that time of year again folks. Autumn is here and the temperatures are dropping. We're wrapping up again. We're also getting external condensation on the outside of our energy efficient windows on a morning. Cue customers ringing up offices claiming there is something wrong with their windows! Educate your client The only way to [...]

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Anglian Launch Own Range Of Triple Glazing

It was announced this week that national installations company Anglian Home Improvements are to enter the triple glazing market full on by launching their own range of triple glazing. This is going to be in direct competition with Everest who have been pushing triple glazing for quite a while now. Check out the new Anglian [...]

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Build Check Again Suggests 80% Of The Industry Still Isn’t CE Mark Compliant

A little while back in the year I wrote about a company called Build Check and how they had been reporting that they estimate that around 80% of our industry still wasn't CE Marking compliant. At the time, the news came as a shock to some, but no surprise to others. Our industry has always [...]

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Hardware Should Have An A-G Rating, And Here’s Why

SFS Intec, the hardware specialists, brought up an interesting idea on Friday, with the suggestion that hardware could be judged on an A-G rating, similar to how white goods and indeed windows are judged on their efficiency. The idea being that an A would mean highest security, with G being the least. You can read [...]

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Disaster Waiting To Happen

It is something that continues to bug me. The solid roof market has exploded into life over the last few years. In an industry that has been struggling, the replacement conservatory roof market has boomed. The likes of Guardian's solid roof and others have created a profitable market that customers have really bought into. It [...]

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Lintels: Always Fit Them

What you see above (just about) ladies and gents is part of a stone a lintel. In this case, it forms a nice big traditional one, like they used to put above windows and doors back in the good old days. However, these are not the good old days and there are properties out there, usually 40-50 years [...]

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Help Me Choose

As you may have noticed, DGB still looks the same. In a post celebrating my fifth year in blog-ville, I explained that I'd be giving the site a massive revamp. However, due to being too busy at work and struggling on with the NFA website, I still haven't got round to doing it yet. What is [...]

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