I can’t quite believe that it’s just about the end of this year’s nominations phase in the National Fenestration Awards. We launched our third year right at the start of 2015, something we hadn’t done before. We usually started early February to give people a chance to get back to work and to allow us time to prepare for the upcoming year. But we planned a bumper year of new categories and an even bigger Cool Wall competition so we had to start from the get go.

A marathon phase

It’s no secret that this nomination phase has been the biggest so far. With a total of six new categories for this year, we had to allow enough time to make all categories live over 19 weeks, one each Monday, with enough time after that for the industry to get all their nominations in.

Needless to say we have had our most successful nominations phase ever. Once completed we’r hoping to release some figures on this year’s first phase.

Looking ahead, we may not go beyond 19 categories in the future. That is already more than other awards in this sector. Although the 19 sector represented may change over the years depending on the industry’s participation in certain ones.

However, there is still time left. Today is the last day in which to send in your nominations. Each and every one really does count. It can make the difference between a company making the final short list or not. We’ve had hundreds so far, and no doubt as the finishing line approaches for this phase, we’ll get quite a few more too.

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The next step

Things for the myself and the rest of the team will be about to get very busy in a short space of time.

Once nominations have closed, the site will go into a very short “maintenance mode” period where all nomination related materials will be taken down. Once completed, the site will go back live, preparing the industry for the all important second phase, the voting.

The day after closing, we will begin tallying up the nominations in each category and make a suitable short list based on the number of nominations submitted for that person/company. Once this as finished, we plan to announce all the shortlists on Monday 7th September. The voting will then go live on Tuesday 8th September. In the past we have both announced the shortlists and made the voting live in the same evening. But given the size of the awards this year, we thought it best to stage it. We don’t want to be making any mistakes at this important time!

There will then be an extended period where the industry will vote in each category to then decide an overall winner. For this year, we are making a few changes to how the voting will operate and feel. In previous years we have asked people to vote via a large poll. Given the number of categories this year, we’re making some changes to make the voting a little easier for everyone. All will be revealed soon.

Our latest video

We continue to produce regular videos as part of the NFA experience. This one is our latest:

So come on guys and girls, one last push and help some very deserving people and companies to make it to the finalist stage for this year!

Start nominating!

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