Unless you have only just woken up, you will know that Gordon Brown has officially announced that May 6th will be election day.

Now personally, my vote will be going to Labour. The reason is that if the Tories were in charge during the recession then I’m sure we would have been in a much worse situation now. Not once did the Tories give the public any idea as to what they would do to help the country out of the recession. All they did was blame the government for all the problems, rather than lend a hand. This tells me that George Osbourne lacked in any real experience or proper knowledge, which would have made him completely useless if he were in Alastair Darling’s shoes at the time. Secondly, they have been very thin on policy. I’m not going to vote for a party without them giving me a single reason as to why. All parties have been thin on policy, but Labour has at least given us a few morsels to analyse. The Tories haven’t. It’s all just electioneering and sound-bytes.

So for me it’s Labour. They aren’t going to start cutting back on a large scale immediately, risking the country going back into recession likes the Tories would rather do. They seem a tad bit more competent than the Conservatives do.

Please vote on the poll on the right hand side. It might give us a bit of an idea as to how things may pan out…but probably not!