Election Aftermath Won’t Stop People Buying Windows

As you would expect, businesses of all kinds, including the window industry, will be digesting the aftermath of what was an unwanted and badly run General Election by the Government. Even now, the dust continues to settle. Theresa May's advisors have now quit and a reshuffle is underway, giving the PM a little more [...]

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Politics: May’s General Election Backfires

British politics seems unable to deliver any kind of predicted outcome of late. The 2010 coalition Government. The 2015 wrong Exit Poll which saw the Tories end in a majority. The 2016 EU Referendum where polls expected to remain, then we voted to leave. Last night, yet another political earthquake was served in the [...]

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DGB 2017 General Election Poll Closes

  It's polling day, as if you needed reminding. Which means the good news is that yet another vote is nearly over. You can almost smell the voter fatigue. It's as if there is a perma-campaign always running in UK politics at the moment. It would be good after today to settle down to [...]

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Election 2017: Who Will You Vote For?

Come on now, you didn't really think I'd pass up on the General Election without doing my own poll did you? Yes, we're about to have another vote. Last week Theresa May called a hasty press conference outside Number 10 to announce that she was going to hold a snap General Election, to be [...]

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May Announces Snap General Election On June 8th

Wow. Just when you thought Brexit was going to be the only political story over the next two years, you thought wrong! Theresa May on Tuesday morning announced that she would hold a snap General Election to be held on June 8th. That's around seven weeks away. Prepare for political commentary from all sides [...]

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European Union Poll – Results So Far

I have been running a poll on DGB for the past couple of weeks to try and determine what the industry's opinion of EU membership is right now. As you'll be aware there is going to be a referendum at the latest by the end of 2017 if not earlier, in which we'll vote as [...]

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European Union: In Or Out?

The subject of Europe and the European Union is going to be in the headlines for the foreseeable future, culminating in a referendum on our EU membership in roughly two years time. During that period we're going to hear a lot of arguments both for and against it. So it's poll time! For or against? [...]

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>My Message To Downing Street

>I don't know what it is, but my frustration with the utter incompetence of this Government, the last Government and the selfish, greedy banks seems to be over-flowing right now. I can't keep it in, so like all good bloggers, I've sent a message. This first one is to Mr Cameron, and it read as follows:Hello. [...]

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>If You Don’t Vote, Don’t Complain!

>There are still a lot of people who tell me that they aren't bothering to vote. The main reason these people give is 'non of them are worth voting for'. That's a fair enough assessment, however it annoys me it's obvious people haven't even bothered to look into which party stands for what.In countries such [...]

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>Why A Vote For The BNP Is Not A Wise One

>I've just seen an appauling video of a BNP candidate and a group of Asian men attacking each other. Both groups of people looked to antagonise each other, but the BNP member shold have been the man to try and diffuse a tense situation. But I'm kidding myself here. The BNP are not known for [...]

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>Scary Look Into A Conservative Future

> This is why I haven't voted conservative. Please take the time to read this, it's quite a long extract, but I can assure you it's a very revealing read. The article is from The Independant, and journalist Johann Hari: This is a dispatch from David Cameron's Britain, the country that could be waiting for [...]

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>BNP And The Lib Dems To Form Coalition Government

>God forbid that actually happens. But according to my poll, May 6th would produce a great result for the BNP and Lib Dems. Thinking critically here, I'm sure the BNP don't have that many supporters, so I'm inclined to think that the same person or people may have voted a number of times. Or maybe [...]

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