It took all of about 45 minutes for Britain’s colours to change from red to blue. A poignant statement from the outgoing Gordon Brown began the formal pomp and procedures of the Queen asking David Cameron to form the next Government.

So, say hello to increased VAT rates. Say hello to increased petrol prices. Say hello to increased cigarette and beer prices. Say hello to higher inheritance tax. Say hello to the deepest public sending cuts we’ll have had for decades. I urge those who haven’t read one of my recent articles ‘Scary Look Into A Conservative Future’. There were hints in Cameron’s speech in front of Number 10 that he was planning to remove Government from certain areas of society, and expected the public to start to fill in the gaps. Read that post and you’ll see that in a council in London, that idea went drastically wrong.

I fear that a lot of spending cuts are going to be made too deep and too quickly. And the double glazing industry can wave goodbye to any slim chance of energy rated windows coming with a reduced 5% VAT rate, that’s never going to happen now. In fact, we can all look forward to the prospect of VAT being raised to about 20-21%. That combine that with other cuts and tax rises and that really will put the brakes on an industry recovery!

Some may say I’m being cynical. But both my parents and my girlfriend’s parents have told me how hard going it was when the Tories were last in power. You never know, Mr Cameron may do a fantastic job, but with the overhaul he’s going to have to perform to attempt to get the country back on the right track, I’m doubtful.

We watched something historic take place today. And I assume that over the coming weeks and month, dramatic and life changing decisions are going to be made that are going to affect each and everyone of us. What I hope is that as an industry, we can show the steely resolve that got us through the recession, because I believe we may need to call upon that steely reserve very soon.