‘Coalition’ is the buzz word at the minute, and all sorts of coalition comparisons are being thrown about. But could the window industry actually benefit from a coalition itself?

For a long time I’ve been saying the industry needs to band together for the good of our trade. To make this clear I’m not suggesting for one minute that companies could merge or start to blur themselves into each other. But could there be a way the companies within this industry can band together which would allow the industry to collectively gain more influence in the future and direction of our sector?

For a start, there are far too many alliances, organisations, labels and schemes. What would perhaps be more helpful is if the slate could be wiped clean. Once a clean slate has been arranged, the industry could have a sort of referendum on what would be the best way to keep a united industry, give it more stability, and at the same time establish a new and strong marque. Something which the consumer knows is substantial, respectable and which can improve the image of the industry. The more schemes and ideas that flood the industry, the more the consumer is going to be bemused by all the different labels and logos.

Perhaps a genuinely united industry is an idea pulled completely out of fantasy, and would create more problems rather than solve any. I seem to think it could do us some good, but it’s getting everybody involved and anticipating which would be the difficulty. Share your thoughts please. Coalition industry, good or bad?