Over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that my visitor numbers haven’t been doing as well as I’d like. In fact up to now I’m down by 23%.

The first thing you do when this occurs is to question why. My immediate thought was GlassTalk. And I can see why. It’s a live forum where people are able to have much more real-time conversations, depending who is logged in at that time. This makes it much easier to communicate with other, something not so fluid with blogs. But blogs still have the advantage of being to talk about anything YOU want to, at any time. But I suspect some of my traffic has been going there, more than here.

But I plan to do something about it. Once I get back from Download Festival, both this site, and the company one is getting much more of my attention, and hopefully when this gets it’s own domain, more traffic will come this way. Eventually, I don’t think it inconceivable to expand the site as much as RCG’s.