If it wasn’t for one particular site, then this one would simply not be here today. That website was Renegade Conservatory Guy and there may just be a snifter of a chance that it could be coming back to our screens, though not quite in the same format.

Tweets hint at return

Take a look at these few tweets from Matthew Glover, owner and creator of that website:

It’s not quite a definite, as you can see from his reaction to me question. But from a completely selfish perspective it would be good to have another good blogging website to lock horns with. For such a vocal industry with many personalities and dare I say it, egos, there seems to be a distinct lacking of independent magazine sites.

I don’t mean the online versions of our print media, but site-only operations that give totally independent analysis and opinion. There was a time when RCG and DGB were running at the same time, and there were a few more threatening to break through. But running sites like these and keeping them updated is a big task, not everyone has the time or resources to do it.

Time will tell if RCG does come back or not.