Is Renegade Conservatory Guy Set For A Return?

If it wasn't for one particular site, then this one would simply not be here today. That website was Renegade Conservatory Guy and there may just be a snifter of a chance that it could be coming back to our screens, though not quite in the same format. Tweets hint at return Take a look [...]

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DGB 3.0 Update

I have been putting out the odd cryptic tweet lately, which has probably left a few wondering what was going on in my crazy little head of mine. In truth, I have been struggling with a workload I have placed on myself, which has brought on it's own frustrations and stresses which finally got the [...]

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Twitter Top 20

You know Twitter in the double glazing industry is getting influential when top 20 lists start appearing. So on a boring Sunday night, I got this tweet from @greendeal4wales: @glazingblogger Have you made it into the top 20 most Influential Twitter Users in the Double Glazing Industry? The link sends you to the Green [...]

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There’s Been Some Changes!

As many of you might have seen over the last couple of days, there have been some changes to the site. I'm using this post to explain them and hopefully you'll find the changes better for the site! Firstly, I've abbreviated my title. 'Double Glazing Blogger' is now an established name, so established that everyone [...]

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Assorted Thoughts And Observations

You get one of these posts once in a while. You have a number of things to say, but they're not really big enough to expand into a quality post but you feel like you have to get them off your chest. So here we go... Oil Oil prices over the last couple of months [...]

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Open Letter To All Readers: I’m Not RCG

A recent comment published on last night's post has prompted me to write this post, mostly as a reminder to everyone that this is my site and will be run the way I want it to be run. Part of the comment, left by someone called Andy, left last night stated: I appreciate the time, [...]

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Renegade Conservatory Guy Closes

After four years of interesting comment and debate, the Renegade Conservatory Guy website has been shut down by Matthew Glover. A holding page at the existing URL had this to say: After 4 years of writing this blog I have decided it is time to close it down with immediate effect. This website has been [...]

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New Little Additions!

This is just a quick post to let you know of some small additions I've made to my blog and why you should pay them some attention! Need Help? This page is designed for anyone within the industry or for anyone who has a double glazing related question. I am hoping that consumers will use [...]

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Renegade Conservatory Guy Does Top 50 Websites

Over the past few years, has published a top 50 list of most visited/top ranked websites in the double glazing industry. Yesterday he published his latest list: Website Ranking 2012 Ranking 2011 1 (1) 54,154 128,668 2 (2) 168109 191,537 3 (3) 184015 245,209 4 (6) 286105 474,547 5 [...]

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3 Years Old!

This weekend this blog turned 3 years old! When I started this site back on the 10th of March 2009 I never really thought it would ever get to the 3 year mark. I never really considered how long the blog would last for when I first started it. So to see it become 3 [...]

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Every 50 Subscriptions

As some of you will be aware, I regularly plug on Twitter my subscribership. I have stated that on reaching 50 subscribers I will pick a person/company at random and do a write up about the company they work for. This will happen at 100 subscribers, 150, 200 and so on. This is partly to [...]

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