One of the biggest success stories in the double glazing industry at the minute has got to be the rise of Door-Stop International. Since it’s inception only a few years ago, they have managed to cement a place in the top four composite door companies.

Their second year in business ended with £13 million in turnover, up from £6 million the year before, which is remarkable growth in what is still very difficult trading conditions.

One of the reasons for this has got to be customer service. I have written before about the importance of customer service and how it is probably the most vital part of any business. This is something which Door-Stop also takes very seriously. 3 day lead times, constant product innovation, excellent brochures etc. No one is going to buy from a supplier if they think they aren’t going to be helpful or prompt.

I didn’t want this to sound like an advertising article for the company, but I just can’t help but feel very impressed at the job Mr Dutton has done with his company. It’s just a shame there aren’t as many suppliers as focused as this one.