Where do we begin with this one! Well June was a lot quieter compared with the rest of the year. This could be down to a few things. The World Cup could be one, though I doubt how much impact that could actually have had. The public could still have been hungover from a decidedly strange General Election outcome. Perhaps they were a bit wary of what was to come. Or perhaps it was the budget putting the jitters on everyone’s confidence. It was a tough budget, and maybe people were waiting to see how it would affect them.

Once the World Cup had finished for England however, the floodgates opened back up again and things started to flow. Just a shame it had to be at the end of the month instead of the beginning.

During June, one of the other big projects I had to complete was the company website. I had a go at it before, and it turned out not very good, so I badgered away at the bosses and got my own way. We got an I.T. company from Rothwell in to draw up plans and designs for a new, streamlined, efficient, effective, modern website. And I’m excited to say that providing all goes to plan today, it should be live by the end of the day!

We’re ramping up our Internet efforts in as many areas as we can. Targeted Google AdWords campaigns, updates on business listing sites, improvements to our Google Places business listing. We are doing everything we can to improve traffic to our site and business. What we’ve also found, is that this can be done without spending huge sums of money. You just have to be smart and look in the right places and choose the most effective options. Spending £20,000 in one go on Internet marketing is all well and good. But if it’s not thought out, planned and utilised properly, then it’s just wasted money.

So here’s to a rampant and very busy July!