Press release from Reuters, brought to my attention via Quorn Conservatories on GlassTalk:


Home improvements firm Anglian Windows has appointed accountants KPMG to manage the auction of the business, which analysts say could be valued at as much as 140 million pounds. A sell-off would mark the second time that the business has changed hands in two years, after it was acquired by its lenders when it failed to meet its financial obligations. Already Anglian, which is expected to be on track to deliver earnings of 20 million pounds in 2010, is thought to have attracted interest by numerous rival companies and private equity investors.

How much confidence in a business can you have? They are now up for sale for a second time. For what reasons, I’m not sure of yet, but they’ll surface soon enough. The interesting bit is going to be which company will swallow them up. By guess is that a bigger, rival company could be in a position to do so. I also think that a competitor will do a better job. These private equity firms who just buy up businesses rarely have the expertise that a company in the same industry do.

This could provide some interesting blog posts for a bit!