I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like morning appointments.

The thing with morning appointments is that you always seem rushed. I get into the office just after 9 (probably should get in earlier, but that’s the advantage of being self employed!), have breakfast while planning out the day ahead, then by the time I’ve done that I’m back out on the road to my first appointment. Problem is I’m still not 100% alert in the mornings so when I get to the customers house I’m just about ready in my head!
I much prefer afternoon leads. I’ve had chance to catch up on any paperwork that needs doing. I’m not rushed to get out on to the road. I’ll have probably done a showroom demo so I’m in the swing of things and in my rhythm of speaking. I tend to speak better and more fluently in the afternoons after a demo or two.
But when it comes to evening appointments I’m on fire! I’ve had a full day of talking product, I’m in my selling rhythm and chomping at the bit to get going.

I guess I’m a bit like starting a car on a cold morning: bit spluttery at the start, but once I get going I’m relentless!