The Public Still Doesn’t Trust Us

This week has been rather positive in terms of economic figures and FENSA's quarterly growth report. It all spells good news for the industry and indicates there is plenty of new business to be won out there. But is it really as simple as that? Probably not according to some recent YouGov results also published [...]

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This Image Is Exactly What Is Wrong With The Industry

This is an image of a before and after door installation done by Direct Doors based in Warrington. They posted this picture on Twitter with this text: Oak upvc back door £380 fitted! Contact us now #warrington #Cheshire, and this is exactly what is wrong with our industry. £380 for a door is frankly a [...]

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Becoming More Than A Salesperson

Back when I first joined the industry 8 years ago as a 16 year old learning the ropes, product options were pretty limited and what I needed to know was reasonable. Now however, with pretty much every product option on earth conceivable and with 'standard' window and door jobs becoming rarer and rarer, salespeople in [...]

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Busy Fools We Are Not

Twitter provided some good commentary as usual this week. And it was started by FENSA when they posed the question: With the rising costs of transport, what do you think about installers charging a quotation fee? I have written about this issue before in a post earlier on DGB. I floated the idea of charging for [...]

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Splitting In Two

As our industry continues to diversify and bring out ever more interesting, dynamic and ground breaking products, I can see the industry being split down the middle and it is happening right now. I think it's something akin to the car industry. There is just no middle ground now. There are plenty out there who [...]

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Calls For Ban On Cold Calling Gather Pace

Tell you what, I'm a millionaire now! The amount of damages I have won thanks to those text messages reminding me of all the falls and accidents at work I never had but had forgotten about! I don't have to work any more! Of course I am being sarcastic! I'm sure that most of you [...]

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What Should It Cost?

The price of our goods and services has been a hot topic over the last month or so. Companies going bust like Uniglaze has brought into question the cost of raw materials and that prices need to become sensible if companies are going to survive through this topsy turvey economy. But I think the general [...]

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Showrooms Still Required

The recent demise of Comet has demonstrated how far the online industry has come in recent years. The spectacular success of internet sales is being partly blamed for the equally spectacular crash of Comet. Though there are certain items that just cannot be bought and delivered using the internet. Our industry sells one of those [...]

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