If you’ve got a few grand knocking about but don’t know whether or not to spend it, then the Bank Of England won’t have made it any easier.

At the beginning of the week the Bank Of England were saying that to help prop up the economy we all need to be going out and spending more. Half of me likes that idea and half of me doesn’t. The half that doesn’t is because I myself is doing what the majority of the country are doing and that is getting rid of any debt. For me it’s a credit card. Admittedly it’s not a massive bill, but I want it gone. Once it has disappeared then I’ll have more money to spend (or save) on what I want.

On a national scale the amount of money being re-paid in comparison to loans being taken out is dwarfing the latter. People have finally got the picture that at some point the money they borrowed to go spending has to be given back at some point.

The other half of me which agrees with the B.o.E does so because I rely on the public to be in the buying mood. I need them to keeping buying windows and doors to keep putting a wage in my pocket. If they stop buying, I, as well as everyone else, stops earning. So yes the public need to keep on spending.

What we need is a good balance. People can go out and spend, but they need to reign it in enough so as to leave enough money left to help pay towards bills and loans. What we don’t want is the country lurching massively towards one option or the other.

My advice: buy your windows and doors now before VAT goes up and George Osbourne cripples the country with pay freezes and spending cuts!