Healthy, But Not 100% Fit

Whilst having my usual industry related conversations on an evening after a session at the gym, the general health of the industry came up. I think it's a fair observation that a lot of the talk online is generally quite positive. The generally accepted commentary is now that the industry seems to have turned the [...]

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The Autumn Statement

Well, it's that time of year guys and gals! It's time for the Chancellor George Osbourne to let us all know how good...sorry, bad we're doing as an economy and what he's going to try and do to make it better. I'll be posting updates of the most important and eye catching stuff here, so [...]

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Comet To Disappear From The High Street

Today we had the news that one of the biggest companies on our high streets and retail parks is about to disappear for good altogether. Comet confirmed that they will be formally appointing administrators next week. Deloitte, the company that will be appointed as administrators, are hoping that the business can be sold as a [...]

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Were We Really Ever In Recession?

This week saw the good news that everyone in the UK was waiting for. GDP figures for Q3 of this year showed that with 1% growth, the British economy had finally left the longest double-dip recession since the 1950's. But many have been asking; "were we ever in recession at all?" To be fair, I [...]

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Born Bankrupt

Update: this post was written a couple of days ago, before today's good news about the 1% growth in GDP for the last quarter. So please bear this in mind when you read it! Born Bankrupt, a programme made by Sky, was shown again on Monday night. I missed it the first time and so [...]

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UK Is (Finally) Officially Out Of Recession!

The British economy finally has some really good news to shout about! The Office for National Statistics released Q3 figures this morning, and they revealed that the British economy exited recession with 1% in the three months from July to September! Good news! Here's the really positive stuff; we've now come out of the longest [...]

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BBC Report: Uniglaze To Close Factory

The ongoing story of the administration of Uniglaze 2 in Norfolk has taken a sad turn today. The BBC website is reporting that Uniglaze is to close it's factory in Costessey with the loss of 137. This is on top of the 88 that were lost when the company was placed in administration by KPMG. [...]

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The Window Industry Outperforming

While me and @GlazingGuru were chewing the cud and putting the world to rights on Saturday, we both came to the conclusion that the recession in this country is probably down to one sector and one sector only - which happens to be one of our biggest ones: construction. Our construction industry, if you can [...]

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Fabrication Sector Suffering

Since 2007, one in ten fabricators has given up on fabrication. Anyway you look at that, ten percent is a big number considering the amount of fabricators in business in our industry. Data supplier Windowbase compiled the report, and what is worse is what is in this next paragraph: “Looking back over the five years [...]

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Kidderminster 5 Star Windows And Conservatories Goes Into Administration

Insolvency practitioners SFP have completed the sale of Conservatory Outlet dealers 5 Star Windows and Conservatories based in Kidderminster. The company was placed into administration in July after suffering from cash flow problems which SFP blamed on the worsening economic conditions and the suffering construction sector. SFP also mention that they have out three other [...]

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Britain Still In Recession

The Office for National Statistics has just confirmed that GDP in the second quarter of this year fell by a rather chunky 0.7%. Much more than the predicted 0.2% drop that many had thought. What is worry, is the construction sector took another battering. In the three months to June, construction fell 5.2% compared to [...]

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