I’m happy to report that October firmly carried on where September left off: positive, busy and productive. Lead levels remained good, though they were better in the second half of October than the first. One comment that should be made is that every month so far this year (providing my memory serves me right) has seen some form of improvement.

October also saw the beginning of the pre-Xmas offers and advertising splurge. The usual ‘guaranteed before Christmas’ and ‘we’ll pay the VAT’ – which I’ve never understood how people would genuinely believe and company would just willingly pay 17.5% for them, without working it all in! A more specific thought I want to share is the more recent Conservatory Outlet advert. At the end they dropped the line ‘these deals won’t last forever’. This I thought was a good move as they were in the territory of advertising sales which end, but never in fact do. By not having that last line it actually made it more professional. A perfect example of how less is worth more sometimes.

Here’s hoping to a fruitful November! We need to beat Conservatory Girl‘s company at the end of the year!