Do businesses really respect Remembrance day?

We live in a world now where occasions like Remembrance day are not observed officially anymore. The nature of consumerism and efficiency has caused events such as these to be ignored.

30-40 years ago, if we put as little effort into recognising such an important day then, as we do now, there would be outrage. We have to remember that millions have dies to make sure that the freedoms we have today were preserved. The free business enterprise we today may not have been possible if the outcome of the wars had been different.

I personally observe the two minute silence every time, as a mark of respect to all those who have fallen to make sure that we live in our free society today.

I don’t think people take this day seriously anymore. Even when I was at school it was rare we even marked the occasion with the two minutes silence. I get the impression that most businesses don’t take the time to observe the occasion.