It seems that the recent patch of bank holidays were to blame for my drop in traffic to my blog. But I am now glad to say it’s picked back up, and with interest! Yesterday was my best day for visitors so far, with 115. Probably not as much as Renegade Conservatory Guy’s, but still not bad I don’t think!

Also, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf, and got myself motivated to start getting fitter and more in shape! We’ve had a treadmill, bike and weights in the garage for years, but have been used up till now only once! And now I’m single, I’ve started to grow…outwards. And I’ve got a holiday coming up. The nice American ladies won’t be interested in a beer bellied Englishman, so I’ve buckled down and got to it! 

I’m also doing it for me. I’d like to be fitter than I am at the moment, so using my spare time to do some more exercise seems like the best thing to do. I’m also going for the ‘the sharper the body the sharper the mind’ effect. If I feel fitter I may even improve on my sales figures maybe? I’ll let you know if it has any effect!