The last few days have seen fevered speculation within the industry about various take-over bids from various different companies. One of these rumors was the buy-out of Spectus by Synseal. I now have information to clarify the situation.

I have been contacted by Spectus and their PR company, who state that the company has not been bought out, and continues to trade normally.

They have also published this tweet: Spectus Window Systems has not been bought out, contrary to rumours circulating. The company continues to operate as normal.

I stated on this site in an earlier post that if any information I have published turns out to be inaccurate or untrue, then I will issue a formal apology.

So to Spectus, Synseal, their customers and their employees who work for both companies, I apologize for any distress or uncertainty my posts and tweets may have caused. When writing this blog, my aim is never to intentionally upset or anger potential readers, but it is clear I may have done so by publishing the content I have.

I would like to state that the information I have published was sent to me anonymously, and not fabricated my me.

So again, apologies for any stress and anger I have caused.