Tomorrow we should be reading a statement which will confirm the buyout of one systems company by another. While this has been big news for those who have bothered to follow the tweets and blog comments, we have to remember and be sensitive to the fact that combining two massive companies in the fabrication sector of our industry are going to have big ramifications for those who work at both companies.

Operations may be moved, jobs may be lost. What I can say for sure is that there will most likely be some very nervous people in both companies right now. Uncertainty is one of the worst emotions to feel when there are no solid answers to be given.

So while I’m sure all the forums and sites will be talking about the buyout and have copies of the statement on their sites, bear in mind what this means for the people who work for these companies.

I will be keeping an eye on all the outlets which are likely to have a copy of the statement, and as soon as it becomes available, I’ll have a copy on here for you as soon as possible.