The past 36 hours have been filled with speculation about fabricators buying out other fabricators, with whispers about other deals being done also.

I would like to clarify that any information that has been published by me has come from various sources privately to me, who I will not name. But I would like to emphasize that the information that I have published on here and my Twitter account has not been made up by me, I have been informed it is genuine.

However, if any information that I have published turns out to be incorrect, or if someone informs that it’s 100% not true, then I will instantly issue a formal apology on here.

I would like to make one point though. We live in a world where information has never been so readily available. Social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and blogs mean that information can be spread around the world in literally seconds and minutes. If people or businesses have information they don’t want revealed to the world, then they ought to make an effort to keep that information secret, until they are ready to reveal it themselves. 

So, as I’ve said above, if any content I have published turns out to be incorrect I will issue an apology straight away on here, and on Twitter.