There are two reasons for a double month post this time round. First reason is I simply forgot to do one! Second reason is that I was hardly here in October! First two weeks I was in the Caribbean, I came back for a week then spent the last week in Wales. So I thought I may as well group them both together in this one!

September saw an improvement in both sales and new leads. I’m putting this down to the new school term starting and parents being able to focus on their homes rather than figuring out how to entertain their kids on a weekly basis. 

October saw a leveling out of this for the first couple of weeks. Mimicking the up and down nature that as frustrated the industry for the last few years. Though at the back end of the month (just as I was leaving for Wales!) things picked back up yet again. Things have continued very strongly into November and all the way through up to present. So the next time a I do a monthly review it’s probably going to be about one of the best months of the year!