If the CLG gets its own way in 2013, installing windows looks set to get a lot more complicated!

The CLG is setting out proposals to for changes to Part L, ready for the end of this year or maybe 2013, which is going to see homeowners forced into more home improvements if they undertake major works such as replacement windows or changing their boiler. This is the wording from the proposal:

Homeowners installing new boilers and windows could have to carry out one or some of the following: loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, hot water cylinder jacket and draught proofing.

The CLG say that this will be aided by the Green Deal which they still say they are confident of implementing by October this year. That’s not going to happen but that’s another argument. So they are trying to cement the deal into the fabric of the home improvements industry. But the main questions are who is going to carry out this extra work and will it put customers off having work done in the first place?

If you’re a window installer, are you really going to want to fit hot water cylinder jackets or draught proofing when you’re really only wanting to sell windows? I work for an installer and we don’t want to. There is already so much involved with installing windows and doors and having to learn about all these other trades and installations is just a no-go. So, the alternative would be to out-source the work! But we all know how much of a pain in the arse it is coordinating extra areas of work all involved in one contract. It’s just too much for window installers to be expected to do.

The other major thing to consider is how consumers are going to react to this. If we have to explain to people that if they want windows changed they are also going to have to have more work done because of new Part L changes, are they going to be put off having work done in the first place? I know some will. Some may only want 4 or 5 windows changed, trying to force cavity wall and loft insulation onto customers may force customers to re-think their project.

You can find the full report here: http://www.building4change.com/page.jsp?id=1151

The constant changes to Part L has already made installing windows and doors more complicated, with U-Vales and WER’s on top of that. The last thing we need is more binding regulations which may jeopardize future business.

I have been told that the GGF are on the case and are working to clarify as much of the many questions that need to be asked. What they will be fully aware of will be the lack of interest the industry will have in these changes and that many will oppose them.