I don’t think I need to tell you this, but it hasn’t really rained in a while. In fact I can’t remember when we had the last dose of prolonged heavy rain here! This long period without significant rain has lead to hose pipe bans in the South being implemented from April 5th, and it is predicted to spread further North unless some seriously heavy rain comes our way…which if you’ve seen the forecasts isn’t going to be happening.

On the plus side, warm weather does tend to help our industry quite a lot. It gets people outside of their housing looking at it, seeing what they can do to improve it, and this usually involves changing the windows, roofline and cladding. It boosts people’s buying spirits and in a time when spending needs to be boosted, this extended spell of dry warm weather comes at the perfect time.

The other advantage that comes with warm weather is the fitting conditions. This is a great time to be a fitter. Out in the fresh air, shorts on, t-shirt instead of fleece. Fitting always feels better in the warm sun, not having to struggle to keep warm. Helps the silicone dry better too!

All in all, it gives our industry a feel good shot in the arm and a commercial helping hand. Mind you, if you’ve got a self cleaning glass roof, it’s probably not been washed in a while!