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Part L Changes…Not Very Much

July 30th was the day it was finally confirmed that changes to Part L of building regs will come into force in April 2014. They were originally due to be enforced from October of this year, but various delays and problems have meant they have been put back six months. Not that any of this [...]

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>18 Days After The Changes

>It is now 18 days since the Part L and F changes came into force. Has anyone found any problems yet? Have any of you been caught out not fitting compliant products? Or is it all still far too unclear and confusing?We've not really come across any problem scenarios as of yet. We've been selling [...]

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>Deadline Day Looms

>Thursday is the last day (as I'm sure many of you are aware) that the current Part L and F legislation is applicable, until the changes are implemented on Friday. There are many blogs, forums and websites which try to explain how to comply with the new regulations. I however will not do that. The [...]

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>L-Day Is Approaching

>It's is less than a month now until the changes to Part L become law, and most seem to be well on their way for making sure their windows meet the new minimum standards. But what about doors?From October 1st doors must have a U-Value of 1.8 or less. This applies to doors that are [...]

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>October 1st Changes WILL Go Ahead

>Some of us have thought that the proposed changes to Part L might be postponed to let the rest of the industry get their act together and get themselves ready. But, in a letter to Door-Stop International, Vince Cable has confirmed that it will go ahead on October 1st, with no postponements and no delays. The article [...]

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>Will The Industry Be Ready?

>1st October is a date which everyone will have stuck in their mind now, the day when C rated windows become the new standard. However, after reading various magazine articles and blog posts, it's clear that there is a significant portion of our industry that isn't ready. They either don't have the manufacturing capabilities, or [...]

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>Changes To Parts L And F

>While my blog has been on hiatus, I've not been able to tell everyone what I think about the Building Regs changes!It looks like they might have listened to the window industry regarding the trickle vent issue. The message from window companies was that while we are trying to fit the most energy efficient windows [...]

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>Next Year In Three Words

>Let’s have some suggestions on how we think next year is going to pan out in our industry. Here are mine: 1. Opportunities2. Challenging3. ExhaustiveThere are definitely going to be more opportunities for business out there next year, even with a fragile recovery there are going better trading conditions, especially compared to the beginning of [...]

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>Whats In Store For 2010?

>Come 2010 another shake up with Part L of Building Regs will be in force. Just as last time it created a many number of problems for a lot of the smaller companies, it may have the same effect this time round.Of the many changes, the one that stands out to me is the change [...]

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