Well, it looks like we have YET ANOTHER home improvements trade organisation to have a look at. This time it is HIES: Home Insulation & Energy Systems – Quality Assured Contractors Scheme.

If you go to their website: www.hiesscheme.org.uk you can see that this scheme is again fronted by Nick Ross, so you can guess who the founder of this is going to be! Though I would like to point out that my opinion of this one is very much neutral right now. The scheme has only just started and I know very little of the necessary details to be able to make a decision. Though one thing that it has got going for it is that this one is FREE! One major advantage that this scheme has over the DGCOS.

I also have a few tips for the HIES scheme that I really think they need to pay attention to so they don’t make the same mistakes the DGCOS has done. Firstly, don’t annoy your potential customers. The DGCOS’s arrogant and over aggressive sales tactics have managed to piss almost all of the industry off. Their marketing material makes out that the rest of industry are cowboys unless they are registered with the DGCOS. So, make sure that you are open to the idea that solar panel companies are good companies, whether they are registered with you or not.

Don’t be over aggressive. If you’re going to use social media, make friends and be open to constructive criticism. You’re in the public eye, expect feedback good or bad.

I’m going to leave it there on this one. I’m sure the rest of you will decide in time whether this will work or not. Though I am going to leave you with a question; with our good friend starting this venture, what does this mean for the DGCOS?