The title of this post sounds very dry I know, but it contains something we all need to be doing to make sure our industry gets a fair chance when the Green Deal comes to fruition. Our friends @APSWindowCo as well input from Russell from Finesse Windows on the Low VAT Rate For Windows,  have drafted a letter which I urge you all to copy and paste and send to your MP to put pressure on the Government to reduce VAT on energy efficient windows and doors so it is given the same fair chance as all the other Green Deal measures. Please read and pass along: (click the link, it opens a PDF file with the letter on it)

Letter To MP

I am going to use this letter and send it to my local MP, and I hope you all do too. The more MP’s we can get this to, the more the Government is going to sit up and notice.

Also, while you’re here and to go with the letter to your local MP, please go to my Low VAT For Windows page and add your name to the growing list. I hope to send a list of names to my local MP showing that the industry really is united in the cause and will go all the way to make sure we fight for our fairness. There will also be a copy of this letter on that page. You can get your MP’s details here: