Sash windows are possibly one of the nicest and premium products the industry has. The public love them. They hark back to the time when buildings were grand, tall, admired and the windows were one of the main features of pre-1900 properties.

Sash windows are also one of the most expensive products the industry has. But there are reasons for that. They are double the profile width of normal casement windows, far more less-standard working parts and much heavier due to the reinforcing and the plain old amount of material used in the window. Despite this, people will still spend the money on these property-enhancing products.

There are those however which won’t be able to stretch to that sort of budget. So what options are available? Becoming very popular are mock sash horns. Top hung windows with horn details which are milled through with the rest of the frame to imitate a real sliding sash window:

With the mock details being milled through with the rest of the frame, it avoids unsightly lines created by details which are attached separately or stuck on. The frames are the standard 70mm profile as they are exactly the same as normal casement windows. So easier to fit, not as heavy, but at least resembles the sash window look which will suit the budgets for those who can’t afford genuine sash windows.

Both mock sash windows and the excellent genuine sash windows are available from John Fredericks. Both are available with energy A ratings and available in a wide range of colours and glazing options. Either way, both options make a fantastic improvement to any property. If the mock sash horns or sash windows interest you, contact John Fredericks on 01422 314100 and ask for Thomas Monks, or contact them on Twitter via @jfplastics and @NewbuildsNo1.