Experts have warned that the country’s already hard-hit homes will see their energy bills rise, and insulation such as double glazed units could be the only way to make a saving.  Energy bills will be hit with further charges as the Government pursues its clean energy agenda in a bid to slash carbon emissions and use renewables as a long-term alternative to fossil fuels.
The plans, which were announced in the Energy Bill, will be the industry’s biggest shake-up in 20 years. This will add further emphasis on the need for better home insulation such as double glazed units and loft lagging.

Double glazed units act as excellent insulation by retaining heat in the property. This means you won’t have to turn up the thermostat to keep warm in winter and can see hundreds of pounds knocked off your bills.

With the new energy proposals on the horizon, climate secretary Ed Davey said: “Leaving the electricity market as it is would not be in the national interest. If we don’t secure investment in our energy infrastructure, we could see the lights going out, consumers hit by spiralling energy prices and dangerous climate change.”

Over £100bn worth of investment will be needed in the next 10 years to meet the DECC’s targets and this will largely fall to the home-owners of Britain. But with the news of energy prices set to rise, there’s no excuse not to do something about it yourself. For instance with double glazed units:

  • Reduce your heating bills by hundreds of pounds every year with a proven insulation method
  • This works with an efficient spacer between two panes of glass trapping heat in the home, as it can’t pass through the motionless gas
  • This even has an advantage in the summer too and keeps homes cooler with heat unable to pass into the property
  • Added benefits of double glazed units also include improved security and reduced noise pollution, whilst even adding value to your home

The Government changes will see 17 million Brits worse off and now is the time to act, to avoid rising prices and slash your bills.

Maria Wardrobe from the National Energy Action, said: “The Government can do little to disguise that these proposals will add substantially to already soaring energy bills and place much more risk on domestic energy consumers.”

With energy bills also expected to increase by 15% come winter, now is the time to invest to secure lower energy bills for the foreseeable future. Remember to obtain double glazed units quotes from up to four vetted professionals to guarantee you pay the right price.

This is a series of guest posts for Double Glazing Blogger written by Luke Kyte, copywriter for lead generation company Quotatis. Quotatis are Europe’s most popular consumer matching service for the home improvement market and offer up to four free double glazing quotes.