I’m happy to report today that the busy period after the Summer Slump has continued this week. Plenty of leads made and sales completed. But it is the nature of the leads and these sales which is the reason for this post.

Rather than standard windows and doors, we have been selling lots, and I mean lots, of replacement sealed units. All sales today have been for varying numbers of replacement double glazed sealed units. Nearly all leads today have been for replacement sealed units. One was for replacement soffit and fascias, another was for windows and doors. All others were for sealed units!

What is forcing this drive in replacement glass? My guess is the upsurge in renovation works. Things like replacement conservatory roofs and frames are taking off in a big way as people who can’t afford a brand new conservatory or orangery look to give their existing conservatory a new lease of life. Of course it could just be a fluke that everyone’s units have been failing at roughly the same time and people have all decided at roughly the same time to get them all replaced. Probably a mix of both I think.

Sealed unit jobs are useful. They don’t bring in the biggest profit margins but when a few of them come in together and start to accumulate then collectively the margins are quite good, the commission isn’t bad and the guys fitting it get a relatively easy wage.

I know some companies choose not to bother with replacement glass leads. I don’t know why. Why leave the customer thinking that you’re only in it for the big jobs and don’t care enough to worry about the small jobs? I suppose I could expand this to: why have a minimum order value? But I’ll save that one for another day!