The Get Britain Building campaign is one which was launched in response to relaxed laws from the Government in terms of planning permission for example. As we are all currently aware, the UK is in a recession, and has been for quite a while now. One of the reasons for this slump is the lack of building in this country. Our construction sector has been in complete free fall for a very long time now. The problem is, the construction sector is one of our biggest, so if that is performing poorly, it has a negative overall effect on the economy. Hence, the Get Britain Building campaign was started.

One of our industry’s brightest and forward thinking companies has now put their backing behind it. Insight Data has now launched it’s backing of the campaign. As their website explains: Get Britain Building aims to encourage companies within the industry to get Britain building again with the help of Insight Data and our invaluable range of prospect databases.

Insight’s aim is to help boost the building campaign in the UK by providing companies with the largest and most up to date prospect databases. If they can help boost your business by giving you access to the most relevant information, companies and products, then in turn this will help boost growth on a company basis and help the overall economy.

Insight Data is a company which is gaining momentum in our industry. They’re a forward thinking company and one which is achieving a lot of positive exposure. The Get Britain Building campaign has just got that much stronger with Insight’s backing now. As part of it’s backing, Insight Data are offering promotional prices across their whole range of databases. To enquire to see how you can take advantage of this and take part in one of the most important campaigns for our construction sector:

You can also contact Insight Data on the phone: 01934 808293, email them on: and on Twitter: