As many of you are now aware, July 2013 will bring CE Marking to this country and to our industry. It is an European Union Directive designed to make the movement of goods in and around the EU easier to control and ensure that all products passing within EU borders are of the correct quality and have passed the necessary tests. This is something that is going to affect everyone in our sector in some way, shape or form. So it’s important you know exactly what CE Marking is and make sure your company gets it right.

A lot of the responsibility for making sure CE Marking is implemented properly lies with our industry’s suppliers and manufacturers. This is why, as responsible fabricators, John Fredericks are holding two seminars this week, one in the north, one in the south, to help it’s valued customers understand the ins and outs of CE Marking.

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The aim of the seminars is to help customers in their understanding of CE Marking and to help them make sure that all their products are compliant should they ever come under random inspection. The seminars are to be presented by the staff of John Fredericks and industry favourite Philip Parry who is Eurocell’s main technical guru!

The seminars are taking place at John Fredericks headquarters in Huddersfield this week and lunch will be provided, so no hungry bellies and something to relax the brains after what will probably be a technical-heavy couple of hours. However, CE Marking is VERY important and is going to be one of the biggest red tape changes our industry has made. So it is important that if you are a John Fredericks customer to attend these seminars to make sure you are as clued up as possible about the impending changes.

Whatever you need from your manufacturer, John Fredericks is there to help. If you’re in the market for a new fabricator or have been impressed with John Fredericks and their wider range of high quality PVCu products, call 01422 314100, email sales or catch them on Twitter:@jfplastics or @NewbuildsNo1