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The Heritage Collection From John Fredericks

This is a sponsored article by John Fredericks As an industry we appear to have come full circle. The demand for PVCu products that look like their timber counterparts is growing all the time. Driven by home owners looking for the mix of traditional timber aesthetics but with all the performance and maintenance benefits [...]

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John Fredericks Teases Another New Product

John Fredericks have certainly been a busy company so far this year. Among the many innovations and new products introduced so far in 2015, the Rustique 3 triple glazing has to be one of the most notable. But as we head into the meaty part of the last quarter, they have one more thing left [...]

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Introducing Rustique 3 By John Fredericks

After months of teasers, the #Rustique hashtag on social media and various hints dropped by various people, I am now very happy to introduce Rustique 3, an exclusive new triple glazing product by John Fredericks. Here's the advert To give you a better idea as to what Rustique 3 is all about, take a look [...]

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There’s Something Extra Coming From John Fredericks

A little while ago DGB was the first to bring you an exclusive teaser about an exciting new product in development from John Fredericks. Since then, there has been a growing hype about what they have planned. And now, three months further down the line, they have something new to tease.     Having [...]

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Agate Grey Windows And Doors From John Fredericks

The USPs available to installers to help sell their windows and doors to the general public is large now. Security, build quality, energy efficiency, door designs. There are plenty of them. Colour is perhaps one of the biggest growing trends of the moment too. In particular, heritage colours. The types of colours really traditional [...]

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Something A Bit Rustique From John Fredericks

For those with a good enough memory, you'll know that John Fredericks were the first fabricator to offer a fully sculptured window and door profile. In a world full of flat and sloped edges, it was a breath of fresh air. And during their four decades of business, John Fredericks have been at the forefront [...]

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Certified Installer Network (CIN) exceeds initial end of year target with 105 sites registered across the UK

The Certified Installer Network (CIN), launched in July 2014 at a high profile industry conference, has exceeded the founder’s end of year target of 100 registered members. The CIN is a group of leading retailers who have all signed up to a Charter of Excellence with the primary objective to deliver absolute peace of mind [...]

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Eurocell Launch New Modus System, And You Can Get It From John Fredericks!

Despite Modus trying to be kept as secret as possible, it seems a few were too excited to keep it under wraps. As we are all probably aware now, Eurocell has now launched their new brilliant new fully integrated Modus range of PVC windows and doors. Before I get on to the benefits, here is [...]

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Skypod By John Fredericks

Skylights. A product which sometimes doesn't always get the amount of column inches it should, and a product which doesn't always get the awareness it deserves. However, some of you may have seen a new product which seems to have slipped under the radar of most. Something called a Skypod:   John Fredericks, in partnership [...]

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John Fredericks Does Loggia

There are some companies that have always had a focus on quality and an aim to try and change the way our industry works. After the demise of the conservatory as we traditionally knew it, Ultraframe came out with a brand new product called Loggia. Since it's launch it really has taken the interest of [...]

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John Fredericks’ Customer Loyalty

John Fredericks is over 40 years old. In fact they are nearly 43 years old if my maths and memory serve me correctly. And everyone in this industry knows that to stay in business for over 4 decades is a very long time indeed. John Fredericks can put this heritage down to quality products, but [...]

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Suffolk Doors From John Frdericks

You will have seen in a previous post on here that John Fredericks have brought out their own range of timber-alternative windows, the Suffolk Collection. Well, for a little while they have been selling their highly popular Suffolk Door collection. In fact many of the doors you have seen me tweet over the last few [...]

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True Stable Doors From Fredericks

Stable doors are back in fashion. Some would argue that they never really did go out of fashion at all. But with demand from the consumer for more traditional looking products, the stable door fits into that demand quite nicely. John Fredericks, Huddersfield based manufacturer of high quality PVC products, have announced a brand new [...]

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Suffolk Window: Timber-Effect Windows From John Fredericks

The demand for timber-effect windows has jumped massively over the last couple of years. We have seen a few specialist timber-alternative companies set up to address that interest. Well now Huddersfield-based John Fredericks have launched their own timber-alternative range of windows to compliment their standard PVC products. The Suffolk Window has been created to give [...]

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