On February 21st, we launched our much anticipated National Fenestration Awards upon the industry as up to press we have had an overwhelmingly positive response! We would like to thank all that have taken part so far. We’re really starting to get going now!

Up to now, we have launched five categories:

  1. Social Networker of the Year
  2. Industry Magazine of the Year
  3. Hardware Company of the Year
  4. Young Person of 2013
  5. Challenge 2013

The nominations for all categories have really started to gain traction now and are adding up to quite a number, which I think shows faith in the system by many of you which is reassuring for us all involved with the NFA’s. Though I think a mention should be given to the debate that has taken place on Twitter and the NFA website over the Young Person of 2013 award. Rather than go on about it here, click here to go to the page where the debate is taking place.

Right now, this is the first stage of a two stage process. At the moment, until May 31st, nominations are taking place to create short lists, nothing is being won right now. However, now is the time to get your nominations in before you miss out. All categories WILL close at the end of May, whether you have nominated or not, so do not miss out!

Every Thursday, all the way up to May 9th, we will be releasing a brand new category for you all to take part in. The latest one we made live was Challenge 2013. The point of this category is not to give an award as such, but a chance to focus minds and try and identify what the next big issue is our industry faces. We hope that it will spawn some positive and proactive thinking within our sector’s best and brightest and come up with some solutions.

The NFA’s aim to address every aspect of our industry. However, there are THREE awards to be decided by you. All you need to do is put your suggestions forward, ideally, for anything you think we have missed out but that the NFA’s should be recognising. Just contact us and the best suggestions will create those three special awards suggested by the industry! A first, and something we are proud to bring to all of you!

What we want you all to do is keep giving us feedback, good or bad. We are new, and we will be on a steep learning curve for quite a while, so all tips, pointers, opinions good or bad are welcome! Get in touch via our Contact Us page!

Please keep nominating, please keep coming to see what is new. The site grows week by week and by May, this will be something that the industry is going to be very proud of!