Job safety never really used to be an issue. Pre-2007, it was very much the case that you could step out of one job and walk straight in to another. The freedom of choice meant that people could actively search for a job they would be happy with and have relatively decent levels of pay. However, post-2007 and a very long recession later, that job safety net simply does not exist, and it appears that everywhere you look, almost every job is at risk, especially in fenestration.

Any industry connected to home improvements has suffered badly over the last few years. Construction and house building has been deeply depressed. When there is a lack of new buildings being built, all other associated industries like plastering, rendering, fenestration, electrical, furnishings and so on, suffer. You can’t plaster a wall that isn’t there. This has meant job security has gone completely as companies look to streamline their operations. Unfortunately, this often means job losses.

Our industry is no different. As the market has changed, our companies have also had to adapt. Jobs have had to be cut, wages lowered, staff put on shorter shifts. All in an effort to conserve the cash in the company account. It is a sad situation really, as most reading this will be able to remember the ‘good old days’ about six years ago before all the financial troubles. Sales and fitting we easy to come buy, leads were easier to close, finance was readily available and plenty of new homes were being built. Now, if you’re not a frugal company you’re probably going to go to the wall. That is how stark it is.

So, in the end, a job in fenestration is probably one of the least safest jobs possible. Companies will only look to retain the most gifted and productive members of staff if there comes a time when people need to be made redundant. I know this isn’t very helpful for anyone, so here’s my counter-balance…

If you are looking for a safe job, my bet would be to get into technologies. The world relies on electronic these days, and I would say ANY job with a tech company, whether selling, manufacturing, R&D or anything else, is likely to be the safest industry to be in right now. All public sector jobs aren’t really that secure, neither is banking anymore. But tech companies and tech start-ups seems to be having the most success!