The FiT Show has been a great success. This is something that cannot be argued. Another point which cannot be argued is how well it worked as a marketing exercise. You simple cannot have failed to notice it over the last 14 months!

We could all learn a lot from the marketing team that ran the FiT Show. It was about as well choreographed and organised as it could have been.  One of the major tools used was online. The FiT Show had a very well designed and freshly updated website which was one of their main tools in the whole process.

They also ran a very successful Twitter campaign which everyone seemed to engage with and all those exhibiting and visiting used it as best they could. As many of you will know, I am a massive fan of the internet at the advantages it can bring to the world of business. The team at the FiT Show realised this and used it to their advantage, which was plain to see. Of course there was heavy coverage from the industry magazines, but when it came to interaction with the industry, it was all about the internet!

It is events like this one, heavily run and promoted online, which proves the power of things like social media and well designed and run websites. It has almost unlimited potential and the ability to reach almost all of the industry far quicker than any other medium. This is invaluable to businesses and those looking to promote whatever they wish to promote.

The FiT Show kept the online presence up, with their own Instagram feed and official #fitshow hashtag. The internet is all about interaction and promotion and the team did this very very well. For anyone looking to launch anything new, or move their operations online, they need to look at what the FiT Show did and try and replicate it. Not copy obviously, but learn some valuable lessons where they can implicate to their own advantage.

Myself and Nick will obviously learn ourselves from this and make sure the National Fenestration Awards are as engaging, fun and worthwhile for all involved!