How DGB Performed In 2015

Now 2015 is out of the way and that particular year is complete, I can now carry out my annual picking apart of the important stats on this website to see how it performed during this year, and how is fared with the 12 months previous. To kick things off, here's a nice simple infographic [...]

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Not Got A Mobile Friendly Website? Google Is About To Punish You

Google is about to make a change, on April 21st to be specific, that is going to seriously change how it's search displays it's results. And our very own window industry could stand to lose out, that is if you haven't got a mobile-friendly website. Here's what you need to know... More mobile-ready websites in [...]

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Is Renegade Conservatory Guy Set For A Return?

If it wasn't for one particular site, then this one would simply not be here today. That website was Renegade Conservatory Guy and there may just be a snifter of a chance that it could be coming back to our screens, though not quite in the same format. Tweets hint at return Take a look [...]

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The Internet Has Changed Our Working Lives

The very fact that your reading this right now is proof of how much the world has changed in such a few short decades. Books were really the only medium in which to read. Now, there are millions of blogs around the world. Tablets have made the task of accessing content previously reserved for paper [...]

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Will The Internet Of Things Come To Windows And Doors?

Heard of the "internet of things"? If not, basically the internet of things are items and objects controlled via the use of the internet. For example, we now have light bulbs that can be operated via an app on your smartphone, smart thermostats like the one from Nest which you can control from your phone. [...]

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Business Still Not Using Twitter Properly

Wow, hard to think that Twitter was created all the way back in March 2006. In 2006, I was finishing my last year in education and preparing to go into full time work. At the time, I never really heard of Twitter. But fast forward to August 2010, when my blog was starting to get [...]

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92% Of Glazing Customers Are Online

It's not often I receive posts from PR companies that are worth me posting. I do get asked quite often to put guest posts on, I often ignore most of them too. However, I was sent something today by PR company Publicity Seekers which illustrates a point I have been banging on about for years. [...]

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Cyber Bullying: More Has To Be Done

First of all, I would like to condemn the horrible acts of abuse and evil comments left by others on the website which led to untimely and tragic death of Hannah Smith. It's disgusting and abhorrent. This is not a subject I usually cover, however, given that so much of what I do is [...]

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Keeping Up To Date

The modern working environment now has many things in which we need to keep updated. Showrooms for example. They have to be kept looking fresh and clean, with all the latest offerings your company might have to offer. This takes time, and money, but it has to be done. A showroom is your best chance [...]

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Something Good, For Free

There's not much in our industry we get for free. It seems we have to pay for everything we want to be members of! There is a reason for that of course, but non of us really like to spend money on things like that. Which is why online resource is something we all need to [...]

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FiT Show Proof Of Online Power

The FiT Show has been a great success. This is something that cannot be argued. Another point which cannot be argued is how well it worked as a marketing exercise. You simple cannot have failed to notice it over the last 14 months! We could all learn a lot from the marketing team that ran [...]

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Websites Are Your Key Selling Tool

Whilst embarking on the National Fenestration Awards and revamping our own company website, I have learned a great deal about websites, how they work, how to run them and how to use them the most efficiently. I have also done my fair share of searching and browsing online of other double glazing related websites. I [...]

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Industry Embracing YouTube

It looks like the industry is now (finally) embracing the final and probably most engaging facet of social media, video. Over the last few weeks I have seen various new companies pushing their new YouTube channels.  I have tried to look at as many as possible. Some are quite good and well organised, like the [...]

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More Evidence That Twitter Is Boosting Our Businesses

Everyone who knows me knows I think Twitter is great! I love it! It's a fantastically easy way to network, contact, ask questions and so on. But I have always believed that it has benefited our industry more and more as the amount of people and companies on the social network increase. This week I [...]

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