There are many things in this world that stagger me: Chavs, North Korea, the way the banks are run, the crap weather, industry apathy and how there is nothing outside the Universe! However, sometimes the priorities of the customer also make me scratch my head.

Let me pose this question: if you take pride in the car your drive, the clothes you wear, your appearance, the phone you buy and so on, would you not take pride in your home? You would think so wouldn’t you? I would. So when consumers say to me: “a window is a window and a door is a door”, it really staggers me, especially when it seems they take pride in everything else they buy.

Obviously some cannot afford the best of the best all the time. But when it looks like people obviously can, why is it that some still choose a cheap and sub-par option? Is it lack of education and information? Are people duped into believing that a £600 front door is as high in quality as a £1100 front door? Wouldn’t they question the quality if there was such a massive gap in the two prices they have had? I know I would, whether I worked in this industry or not!

In this industry, a £600 door is NOT going to be as good as a £1100 door. So given that fact, and once explained to a customer, if they are still not convinced, is this proof that some of our population just do not care about their home and the security of it? Obviously I know there are some out there like that, but what I have seen so far this year are a lot of people who probably could afford to buy premium and quality without stretching themselves, yet do not. To me, I can only see this as proof that no matter how much education and information there is out there, windows and doors are just not that highly held in the thoughts of a lot of people out there, which staggers me.

Windows and doors are the primary defence to your home in terms of security, energy efficiency and aesthetics. Get them wrong, and it could have a terrible effect on the property. If apathy is the problem, then it is our job to step things up yet another gear and push the message out to the consumer that high quality windows and doors are an investment, serious home improvement product and will only achieve high security and protection levels where cheap variations won’t.

Like I said, it staggers me to think that some of our consumers don’t take as much pride in their home and home improvements as they should. But, it’s our job to change that!