I have been in the industry seven years, but even I have seen many changes to our beloved sector.  Legislation has changed, standards have changed and products have changed a lot.  People have come and gone, companies have come and gone, others have sprung up to huge success all round thanks to bringing out great products and the talents of the people behind them.

However, something striking about this industry is how busy it is and how busy we all are as individuals.  Those of us in it will agree that it is rare to have really quiet days.  Whether we are up early organising installations and our fitters, dealing with issues that may arise on site, dealing with suppliers, quotations, customers etc I do firmly believe this industry by it’s very nature is a busy one and most of us are flat out most of the time.

The National Fenestration Awards came about because of belief and a strong will.

Nick and I and the rest of us behind the National Fenestration Awards started the project out of a belief that the industry needed something new and different from before.  In the same way that the organisers of the FiT Show had a vision for a new industry exhibition and set out creating it and one that deserves to be successful and supported.  In the same way as other examples, Evolution and Whiteline bring out a brand new timber replacement product and do all they can to bring it to market and make it successful. In the same way Legacy Windows brought us the New Wave Door, Ultraframe with their Loggia and others.  In all, there is a lot of hard work and effort goes into anything new because there’s a belief and a will.

The National Fenestration Awards is a new baby and one that needs nurturing, one that will adapt, one that will grow.  We listen to feedback and as has been stated from the very beginning The National Fenestration Awards will be all inclusive of the industry and support it.  This project is not just about winners and prizes – it’s there as a long term project to support the industry, get behind it, see changes happen for the better and bring a much needed “voice” to our industry.

We have had very little criticism and a huge amount of support.  The tweets, messages and emails of support are all there right from the start.  All we ask is that people take a little bit of time out of their busy schedules to have a look, see what we are trying to do, register and nominate and above all put forward your ideas and suggestions.

We want you to support and get involved with the National Fenestration Awards.

Is there something we should be doing? Say so.

Should we make some changes to the website? Tell us.

Is there something we have missed out? Bring it to our attention.

Do you want to be involved with it? You can be – Contact us.

This is not just our project it is yours too and we very much hope you will get behind it, support it and it really can engage the whole industry, get people talking, bring the industry together and do better for the industry as a whole.