We went to go have a look at a house on Sunday. We found this place by fluke on Rightmove, it had only just been listed that day, and we had spent the last few weeks, every day, trying to find that one place where everything was how we liked it. We thought this might be the place.

And we were right. It’s in a great location, the price is just about within our budget. The rooms sizes are fantastic for what we want. There is very little to do inside and the place has been very well looked after by it’s current owners. The neighbours seem friendly enough and it’s the first place where both of us have genuinely thought we could call home!

So, as soon as we got in and spoke to the parents about it, we rang the estate agents and put an initial offer in. It was quite a bit lower than the asking price. The good thing from our position is that the current owners have already part exchanged the house with Miller homes, where they have purchased a new-build property. As the current occupants don’t now own the house, Miller have control of the property and will want a quick sale. We don’t think they will accept the initial low offer, but we know we’ll be able to get this house for a fair bit cheaper than what they’re asking for it.

We’re both really excited. We’re the only ones to have viewed the house so far so I think if we do this quickly we can have a great shot at landing this one!

We’re now looking at things like sofas, kitchen stuff etc. It’s all getting very real now and I think it is just dawning on us how big a change this will be in our lives. Yes it’s a nervous time, but we’re very excited too!

As ever, I’ll keep posting updates on here as and when I have some news!