Thanks to all who took part in my National Average Prices Survey! Your input helped to establish the average prices of some of our most sold items in our industry and it really did make for some interesting reading!

I think the average prices that come out of the data were probably there or thereabouts where they should be. Probably on the slightly lower side. I know that my business sells these items for a little bit more than the average prices, but that is because the quality of the products is on the high side.

People have said that I hope I do something like this again in the future and that it gets more coverage and publicity next time. So, rather than do this once a year, I am thinking of doing this once every six months. I launched the first survey back in May so November would be the next natural month to launch a new survey.

The advantage of doing it every six months is that I am hoping to keep a fairly average track of where prices are going and where they might go in the future. I will use the same question in the next survey, but maybe add one or two more to incorporate some other products too.

Though I stressed that this was a survey for installers only, I think one or two supplier prices made their way into the mix. I don’t think that had too much of a detrimental effect on the end results, but I shall be very clear next time round that this survey only applies to installers and not suppliers.

Is there anything you guys would like to see on the next survey that you think I have missed out?