We started the Cool Wall on the National Fenestration Awards as a bit of fun. We noticed that Twitter was being used as a place to show off some of the best work you guys were proud of. But we also noticed that there wasn’t a specific place for the industry to do that. Once a picture is posted on Twitter it very quickly gets lost down the timeline and forgotten.

With the NFA Cool Wall, all uploaded images stay on the site, month by month, so people can browse all of the great work that people have uploaded. You don’t get that on any other industry site.

Some of you may be asking what is in it for me? Well, we have decided that each month’s winner will be put forward to a final Cool Wall at the end of the year. People can then vote on what they think is the years coolest installation of the year! The winner, chosen by the industry, will be presented with a lovely trophy and some PR about the company and the job that won the award.

So, by spending a minute uploading your fantastic work, you could end up winning the Cool Award 2013. Not bad eh? Only takes a minute. Uploads are unlimited and make sure you give us a little description of that job too!

You can go straight to the cool wall here: http://www.fenestrationawards.co.uk/the-fenestration-cool-wall/